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Brand Development

The Goals

To rebrand Western Power Distribution‘s to strongly position the company against competitors but more importantly so it truly reflected who WPD now are against their vision, customer service and future customer commitments.

The Journey

WPD had developed greatly as a company and, in summary, Blumilk took them through a rebrand to ensure their brand not only reflected who they are now but also their future goals.

In addition to the external focus of their brand, internally it was to ensure consistency across all pockets of the business and employee awareness of the brand development purpose, while strongly positioning the communications department as the brand guardians and leader for everything WPD brand.

Across A 4 month period, we worked with multiple departments and:

  • reached internal buy-in and an agreed route.
  • created a completely fresh new brand and collateral across all elements of the business, from digital assets, to the safety team, to regulated documents, to animation.
  • delivered a strong fresh brand of which all collateral, outputs and positioning was consistent and aligned.
brand development
The Response
  • The communications team are now the central go-to for all things brand (they never had been before)
  • Enhanced and positive engagement from consumers, stakeholders and the regulator
  • WPD being top of the league table for all DNO’s according to OFGEM’s customer satisfaction with network operators (2019-2020).

What others say…

External Affairs Manager, said “I’m very impressed with you guys and thank you for doing such a great job and quick turn around.”

Corporate Communications Officer, said “Huge thank you for your patience as we bring this great new brand to life. You’ve all been amazing!”

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