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4 Year Plan

Corporate and Regulatory Reporting
The Goals

As part of the communication of SSEN’s four year business plan, they wanted an employee and stakeholder focused communications document that would be an engaging piece and read by the target audiences (not just gathering dust on a shelf!) while being inspirational and confident about the future of the business.

The Journey

Following a discovery meeting with SSEN to really understand their goals we presented our findings sharing both copywriting proposals of how their key messages could be presented, as well as document layout options and infographic techniques that could deliver the story in a way that would generate interest and guarantee engagement for the document to read.

The content was re-written to ensure an agreed and consistent tone of voice which included the infographic content and the introduction of employee focused case studies to provide a real personal look and feel to the document which oozed personality.

The content was translated for the purposes of the audience, removing the technical language tone to an engaging tone for the specific target audiences in was intended, perfect for a stakeholder document.

corporate reporting
4 year plan
The Response
The client at SSEN was thrilled with the outcome, stakeholder feedback was positive and Blumilk subsequently went on to secure another tender framework win with SSEN for a further 4 year contract.

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