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The Goals

Blumilk has worked with SSEN Transmissions for a number of years now and we work on stakeholder engagement events via community consultation with them multiple times each year. The public engagement events are organised to promote infrastructure investment works they propose to carry out. Traditional promotional methods have not always helped to adequately explain and promote the value of the infrastructure improvements needed which has prolonged the period of public consultation and on occasions created ‘hostility’ within affected communities creating a detrimental impact on the brand. Blumilk reviewed the approach being used and we were asked to propose how public/community consultation and associated events could be enhanced with the aim being to help them deliver their plans with a reduction of negative public reaction and a decrease in the time taken to complete the planning formalities.

The Journey

Blumilk rose to the challenge and we strategised and developed an on-brand exhibition style that would create a positive impact in relatively isolated rural communities in Scotland. The exhibition style also had supporting promotional collateral to educate stakeholders and the local communities on proposed infrastructure plans as well as defining a tone of voice to be used throughout.

We also created a community consultancy report on virtual reality and augmented reality and how these can be used to visualise and bring to life specific proposal in real settings.


Stakeholder Engagement
customer engagement
The Response

The customer engagement in the target areas was more positive than that experienced in previous events before we were involved and our proposals, consultation and project management received positive feedback to us from the SSEN team.

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