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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Internal Communications Campaign
The Goals

Northern Powergrid needed to consider and develop a coordinated approach to their internal communications. Employees were faced with a range of information products issued over the years that presented information with several different ‘looks and feels’ which brought confusion and disengagement.

Blumilk was to create an internal engagement campaign which communicated a serious message relating to cyber security and was guaranteed high levels of engagement to ensure the message had been received.

The Journey

A series of workshops were carried out with their internal communications team to establish an understanding of internal status, position and overall objectives of the team and communication, while leading the output to establish a strategic direction and purpose. The workshops also ensured the campaign:

  • captured the workshop output in the campaign development.
  • engaged and educated Northern Powergrid employees about the importance of staying safe online and the impact on the business.
  • created a campaign identity that will be used consistently throughout other internal and stakeholder communications in the future, strengthening the Northern Powergrid brand.
  • generated a ‘Team Powergrid’ persona which employees can develop an anity.
  • used of psychological inuencers to drive the message.
  • delivered the campaign elements across 27 individual depots using

The employee reach to support high levels of engagement included digital communications, desk drop to all sta members, posters at key sites throughout the company, banners and impactful graphics in reception area of all depots.

Internal Communications
stakeholder engagement
The Response
  • The level of employee engagement increased.
  • The Team Powergrid persona brought an integrated approach and focus for internal communications within the Company.
  • The Team Powergrid persona has been included in stakeholder engagement initiatives and in education initiatives in schools.


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