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Internal Brand Launch

Internal Communications
The Goals

CCW’s branding had been the same since its birth in 2005 and was long established within not only the utilities industry, but also to its staff and we know that with any re-brand, we know the success or failure starts within the organisation itself. Are all staff on board? Are they part of the journey? And ultimately are they bought into what the company as a whole is hoping to achieve? These are the questions that we needed to answer with the CCW branding project before we even thought about pushing to the outside world.

The Journey

The first step in our process was to involve all management, senior leaders from every department and also staff on the ground right from the outset in a series of face to face facilitated workshops to understand not only what Consumer Council for Water meant to them, but what their role was in the company and how they saw a new brand evolving. We also facilitated a launch event which consisted of Client Director, Lauren being on hand for the day to present the new brand vision to the company in an engaging and interactive way.  The whole company attended from bases all over the country. The launch included:

  • A movie trailer
  • Branded PowerPoint slideshow
  • Branded balloons and decoration
  • CCW merchandise for staff
  • Fun activity packs
  • We facilitated ‘Create your personal brand’ exercises
  • Desk drops were organised within CCW
  • Posters around the offices
  • Brand guidelines were launched with a ‘how to use the brand’ talk
  • Onboarding staff workshop to give the brand its full potential
internal communications
Brand development
The Response

Feedback from CCW was great and everyone was behind the new brand, and feeling positive and excited. Colleagues all understood the vision and purpose and most importantly; everyone was on the same page before external launch.

Read about the rebrand itself here.

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