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Brand Creation

Brand Development

The Goals

CCW (formally The Consumer Council for Water) are the independent representative of household and business water consumers in England and Wales. They have a long-standing reputation of knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with household and business complaints however, until Blumilk started working with them in 2019, that reputation was only held by people ‘in the know’ within the industry and not by the direct public. In fact a huge proportion of consumers didn’t even know they existed. CCW’s branding had been the same since its birth in 2005.

CCW approached us to create a new brand solution that was robust, future proof, felt more like a consumer facing organisation rather than a government led/regulatory body and we also needed to consider how it would translate to welsh audiences. Previously, they had two logos with the name and strapline translated.  The brand development needed to ensure that all consumers in England and Wales to know who CCW are, how and when to contact them.

The Journey

Blumilk quickly determined through a strategic and industry specific approach that the CCW brand, positioning and outwardly facing collateral simply did not sit hand in hand with the amazing company they were. Thus, Blumilk began the journey with CCW to take them from Consumer Council for Water and suggested a name/brand change to make them CCW, the voice for water consumers that they are today.

We then took the new agreed name to the creative team to really bring it life. Considering colour palettes and typeface used in the industry and researching into what appeals to consumers; we presented CCW with three concepts to choose and develop from. The logo mark was decided upon quickly, and then we undertook additional research into colour ways.

ccw rebrand
The Response

The brand has been well received in the industry and internally at CCW. With a modern new look, the brand is growing from strength to strength and is growing in recognition. The brand is cohesive across all platforms as well as colourful, friendly and inviting for consumers.

Amanda Caton, Executive Head of Communications said recently; “Cannot recommend you enough! Look at the amazing job you did… you should include a “before” so people understand the difference you made to our brand! From our very first conversation, Blumilk have been a joy to work with and have provided us with a level of service above and beyond our expectations. They instinctively understood our organisation’s needs, helped us overcome several barriers with determination and positivity, and provided indispensable advice and guidance when we needed it most. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that without Blumilk’s energy, enthusiasm, tenacity – and commitment to providing an excellent service – our project wouldn’t have got this far.”

Read about how we helped CCW to launch the brand internally here.

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