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Campaign Identity

Save 10 A Day

Strategy Development
The Goals

Having worked with Affinity Water since 2018 as an extended member of their team on many projects, we are proud to share our Save 10 a Day campaign. St Albans District uses more water than almost anywhere else in the UK, but in the campaign, Affinity Water customers were asked to visit to find easy ways they can ‘save 10 a day’ and to leave 1 million extra litres of water in the environment.


The Journey

We created a campaign identity called Save 10 A Day with supporting campaign collateral which ensured a successful reach to the target audience effectively through the encouragement and support to customers on how they can change their behaviour to use less water; both short term and long term. The campaign had it’s own logo for an identity which was used across social media, drop drops and online as well as local artist St Alban’s, Zoe, creating chalk artwork around the district.

Campaign Identity strategy development
save 10 a day campaign
The Response
  • Campaign messages seen 2.16 million times (OTS)
  • 7% engagement rate
  • Customers engaged with content 275,000 times
  • 61% started to use less water (16% using ‘a lot less’)
  • 84% of website users took an action
  • 64% ordered water saving devices product
  • Over 1,000 people signed up in the first week

Read about the campaign and the chalk artists on Affinity Water’s website.

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