Cyber Security Internal Communication Campaign – Team Powergrid Vs. Cyber Monsters

Cyber Security Internal Communication Campaign – Team Powergrid Vs. Cyber Monsters

May 9, 2017

Cyber Security Internal Communication Campaign for Northern Powergrid

Cyber Security is paramount at Northern Powergrid and they chose Blumilk to push the importance of cyber security with an internal communication campaign to their staff.

Ciaran Martin CEO of National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said this year in his forward of their 2016/17 report.

“Cyber attacks will continue to evolve, which is why the public and private sectors must continue to work at pace to deliver real-world outcomes and ground-breaking innovation to reduce the threat to critical services and to deter would-be attackers.”

The report went on to say that current cyber threat trends are underpinned by three key features:

• technical expertise is not necessary to carry out attacks

• a broadening attack surface leads to more opportunities for attackers

• threat actors are learning from, and using one another’s skills and capabilities

Blumilk needed to make sure that we managed expectations of the rules and regulations set out by the company as well as remaining sensitive to the needs of the Northern Powergrid staff . The cyber security internal communication campaign needed to hammer home the sheer importance of remaining vigilant online without scare mongering too much so that staff so they were on a knife edge every time they got an email!

Alongside Northern Powergrid, Creative Director, Adam and Head of Client Management, Lauren attended a half-day with a leading American psychologist about the influences and persuasions of consumer buying which would help to get the message right to staff. The session was very informative and after a round-table discussion with the studio, we came up with the vs ‘Team Powergrid vs Cyber Monsters’ campaign identity and characters.

The idea was that Team Powergrid, which were characters part of an existing campaign Blumilk created, would act as the ‘Authority’ and on an engaging level, let them know they were the ‘Heroes’ in this battle. Our aim was to empower the staff, reaffirm their roles as protectors and make them aware of cyber security’s vital importance in the business.

The ‘Cyber Monsters’ gave the proposed cyber attackers a visual representation and allowed the staff to see it as a simple fight… good vs bad.

We rolled out the campaign headline of ‘One Click Can Change Everything’ to emphasise the importance of remaining vigilant to phishing emails followed up by the sign off – ‘Stop & Think Before You link’.

As part of the wider efforts by Northern Powergrid, the staff are given regular ‘phishing tests’ within Northern Powergrid to make sure that they stay up to speed and remain vigilant. The campaign included a staff digital information piece, decoration of all of Northern Powergrid depot receptions with cyber security messages, designed leaflets and the ‘Team Powergrid’ hidden heroes characters even got themselves on van livery!

We are going to be continuing the ‘keep warm’ campaign activity with NPG in the near future to keep staff on board.

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