Dream Time Team Time

Dream Time Team Time

August 21, 2017

The Blumilk beer connoisseurs had a great Team Time last Friday. Blumilk client Rigg and Furrow created the quality products tasted and tested by the Team.

Beer by Rigg and Furrows, Brand Identity By Blumilk

The brains behind this new Rigg and Furrow venture, branded by Blumilk, were the Howie family – parents Robert and Louise, daughter Pippa and husband Theo Lampert-Crook.

New Lease of Life to Northumberland Milking Parlour

Pippa explains the background to their authentic farmhouse brewery. We’ve given…

“a new lease of life to our old milking parlour. We create new takes on Farmhouse beers – beers originally brewed for thirsty farm workers during the summer months. Brewing by hand, our family run brewery celebrates the best of home-grown Northumbrian and British produce, whilst creating exciting and innovative beers.”

Blumilk Team Time Tradition Lives On

For the last 17 years Team Blumilk stops doing whatever it’s doing at 16:30 every Friday. One of the Team arranges a 30 minutes party – an excuse for everyone to get together informally after a busy week.

There’s always a catch though. The tradition is a client phone call seems to arrive every Friday around about 16:45. And clients of course always come first. So, we have a team member ‘on-call’ to deal with whatever’s needed.

How Blumilk Rated the Beers

The Blumilk beer tasters enjoyed each of the Rigg and Furrows products. The full range of beers is The Pale Ale, Run Hop Run, The Trickster, Owl Porter, Farmhouse IPA (a cool 6% ABV so handle with care), Rhuble and Sham Pain.

The Team Blumilk taster team’s favourite by a (bottle) neck was Owl Porter. Closely followed by The Pale Ale then Trickster.

Check Out Rigg and Furrows

Check out www.riggandfurrow.com for a full run down on the company and its great beers. And, let the team at the Farm know your favourite. They love feedback.

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