Culture Change Transforms Social Housing Business

Culture Change Transforms Social Housing Business

October 20, 2017

A Journey to Excellence never ends. Neither does the commitment to achieve it.

Coast and Country Housing, the social housing business with over 10,000 properties, based in Redcar, North East England, chose Blumillk to guide them on a Journey to Excellence. Work started in 2006. It was true to say, some of the company’s leadership team had to be convinced on the direction of travel. A bit of honest, and heated, discussion is always involved when passions run high.

Working together to build trust

It was also true to say that there was a bit of convincing needed to get others in the business on board the juggernaut. That said, working closely together and building mutual respect, we got the show on the road with commitment to the strategy and the objectives at a high level.

Keeping the business running is crucial while change happens

Silo challenging focus groups, vision and values reviews, brand identity appraisals, tone of voice audits, staff training and induction plus role mentoring were fitted in around a need to keep the service running and delivering day-to-day.

Blumilk put its own marketing and communication team on-site and working directly with the company’s operational teams during the nine months period of transformation. This helped to support and facilitate much of the change needed.

Event management kick starts at football stadium

Middlesbrough Football Club’s Riverside Stadium’s corporate entertainment suite was the venue for the launch. This staff event, managed by team Blumilk, was the official start of the journey. And, a self-sustaining Coast and Country Housing business hasn’t looked back.

Commitment levels must stay high

The Journey was not always smooth. Anyone who says change will be easy has never done a transformation programme. But, with management committed and responsibility cascades in place to all levels within the work teams, the driving force to maintain the levels of excellence already achieved, is still there and succeeding.

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