Branding Job Too Professional

Branding Job Too Professional

August 10, 2017

A potential Blumilk client was really impressed with a branding and campaign proposal submitted to them. But, chose not to accept it because they were scared off with its professionalism.

Branding Business Passion

“There’s no hiding away from our passion to deliver a positive impact to every business or organisation we work with; big or really big, small or really small, public or private. It makes no difference to us” says Colin Robertson, MD at Blumilk.

We Believe in Business Success – It’s Our Answer to Why

Blumilk measures its success by; how much it helps clients to grow sales, reach out to their social objectives, change attitudes and or achieve ambassador level employee engagement.

“We bring a passion and pride to every branding or campaign project we do,” says Lauren Hindhaugh, Blumilk’s Head of Client Engagement. “Our creative output is second to none according to the feedback I get from our clients and prospective clients,” adds Lauren.

The Blumilk track record for Branding and Roll-Out Campaigns is impressive. Involving small and start-up businesses and organisations to global corporations.

But, the Blumilk approach can sometimes be too much for a prospective client. Take for example the feedback received to a recent unsuccessful tender invitation.

Branding Tender Rejected Because Too Professional

The tender was for the renaming and rebranding of an established community development company, engaging with its staff and stakeholder in the process and managing the roll-out of the new brand to staff and stakeholders. The design and build of a new website was the follow-on stage.

Success would mean a repositioning of the organisation in its community, positive changes to staff and stakeholder engagement and, as a result, a positive change in the perception of the organisation in the eyes of its customers – the community it serves.

Here’s the feedback…Your document was very impressive. We found this to be too professional and subsequently, we found this intimidating.

“You win some, you lose some,” says MD Colin.


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