Successfully Branding A Startup – Craft Beer Brewery Rigg and Furrow

Successfully Branding A Startup – Craft Beer Brewery Rigg and Furrow

April 13, 2017

Blumilk Brands New Startup Craft Brewing Company Rigg and Furrow

Rigg and Furrow is a family run Northumberland brewery startup, made up of Theo, Pippa, Robert and Louise. They approached us just before Christmas wanting to create a brand to match their ambitious plans.

At the time, Theo and Pippa, were in the process of moving back from London to the family farm in Acklington, a picturesque village in Northumberland. The family were in the process of creating a range of craft beers using as many home-grown ingredients as possible, becoming the only Duke of Northumberland Farm to produce beer.

The startup company is named after an archaeological pattern of ridges and troughs created by a system of ploughing, also known as Rigg and Furrow, mostly in the North East of England and Scotland.

The brief was to create a brand which reflected their Northumberland heritage, farmhouse feel and represented their home-grown produce used in the brewing process. The persona also had to stand out in a craft beer market which is fit to burst with contemporary designs.

After some in-house customer mapping, we identified two key initial target audiences. The older gentlemen drinking in country pubs and the younger hipster crowd drinking in fashionable establishments. With these being opposite ends of the scale, there was a challenge set to attract both.

As an agency, we are renowned for having outstanding illustration capabilities. Along with the Blumilk ethos of nurturing creatives into flourishing designers, we really do feel that we have a team which will rival any London agency at the minute.

The rudimentary illustrations characterise the families beloved animals found on the farm. In this case, we concluded “to stand out, less is more”. We paired back our approach using a bold red as the primary colour, and the overall look and feel is a contemporary farmhouse brand. The logo being timeless with very clean lines.

We have lots more in the pipeline to show you, but for now we are simplify giving you a snap shot of ‘The Pale Ale’ featuring one of the farms Highland cattle and the ‘Run Hop Run’ featuring illustrations of the farms Indian Runner ducks.

Keep your eyes peeled as its currently running in over 50 pubs throughout Northumberland being picked by craft beer fanatics throughout the region. Check out their latest updates on Instagram here.

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