The Big Bang Theory is Alive and Kicking

The Big Bang Theory is Alive and Kicking

December 19, 2017

Remember to tell the neighbours and the security services!

The Blumilk 2017 Xmas Party created a bit of reaction amongst team Blumilk.

A guest appearance by Professor OneSmith saw to that.

The Prof, a surprise visitor to the party, used his highly developed chemistry knowledge and experimental skills to generate seriously strange responses from everyday chemical products.

Big bangs included. BIG BANGS that is… which meant we had to take action to ensure there was no security alert in downtown Newcastle, North East England, in the run up to the last shopping day.

A major highlight of the Professor’s show was the creation of cocktails from science heaven. Produced using such a strange concoction of chemical ingredients it was difficult to believe they could create such a warm yuletide glow for those at the pop-up bar in Blumilk.

The Prof’s show gave Blumilk’s 18th Xmas Party a fabulous kick start. Ernest, Newcastle’s quirky bar/bistro provided a great setting for food and more fun. Newcastle’s culture quarter, Ouseburn, was the base for a few after dinner drinks.

Blumilk is one of the core creative businesses in Ouseburn possibly North England’s most vibrant, concentrated and diverse media quarters.

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