Makeover Keeps the Cats and Dogs Happy

Makeover Keeps the Cats and Dogs Happy

June 16, 2017

Abbey House Vets has been caring for sick animals in West Yorkshire, England for over 25 years. And Blumilk has been caring for Abbey House for the last 12 of those years.

Our most recent project is a makeover of the Practice surgery in Morley, West Yorkshire incorporating a range of graphic images and internal and external signage.

The aim was to lift the visual ambiance of the waiting room, the retail displays and the visitor reception area. Making sure in the process that there’s no confusion about where the dogs wait and where the cats wait. Keeping them apart is a big priority for reception staff. Something some non-pet people never even might think about.

Abbey House provides traditional day-to-day care and support for sick animals from its base in Morley. Crucially, the Practice provides the Leeds Emergency Vets service; the 24/7 ‘blue light’ animal life support service for metropolitan Leeds and its hinterland.

The Abbey House Hospital, approved and inspected by the UK’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, exceeds the exacting standards necessary to qualify as a veterinary hospital.

It offers modern Operating Theatres with equally modern Anaesthetic Machines using the latest anaesthetic agents. Plus, Endoscopic Examinations allowing the insertion of a flexible camera to examine a patient’s bowel and lungs. And, Ultrasound examinations to confirm and monitor pregnancies.

The Practice Laboratory also offers a 24 hours scientific test facility and therefore a clinical response when an urgent answer is needed.

A significant feature of the emergency service is the approach to staffing. All staff are specially trained in emergency evaluation and response. And, the team is a dedicated fatigue-free resource – they have not been working through the day.

The added advantage of course is that the ‘day vet’ can get a good night’s sleep and give the best possible care during the day.


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