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‘Tap water tastes as good as bottled’ do you agree?

‘Tap water tastes as good as bottled’ do you agree?

Earlier this year, CCW – The Consumer Council for Water, approached the team at Blumilk to see if we could help them encourage people all over the UK to drink tap water instead of purchased bottled water. There are two main reasons for this:

1. The Environmental impact
Drinking tap water instead of bottled, can help to reduce the production of single use plastic, and therefore reduce carbon footprint and support the wellness of the planet. Carbon emissions for bottled water are 900 times higher than for tap water, making tap the environmentally friendly option.

2. The Economical impact
Bottled water can cost up to three hundred times the price of tap water, and in our current economic climate with everyone feeling the pinch financially, the option to have a drink from the tap instead of purchasing a bottle could save money.

Did you know that drinking two litres of tap water every day will cost you less than £2.50 a year?
The choice is clear, tap water is kinder to your wallet and also tastes great!

But, does tap water actually taste as good as the purchased water you drink from a bottle?
The only way to answer this question was to ‘take the taste test challenge!’

Blumilk began by creating a name and identity to give the campaign a look and style. ‘GO TAP’ was chosen as a positive reinforcing message that was simple and easy to understand.

A cross section of the public from all over the UK were then invited to taste both tap and bottled water and see if they could tell the difference and which they preferred. Filming took place across the day and a wide demographic audience were approached, given both options to try and decide which option they thought was tap water. Check out our behind the scenes film of how the taste test challenge was created.

The results were really surprising! Most were unable to tell the difference and agreed that tap water tasted just as good as bottled.
For those that take the challenge, five hundred special limited edition water bottles are also being given away as further encouragement to drink tap water.

Once filming was complete, the footage was edited into shorter clips and a social media campaign created. The results so far have been fantastic. The campaign has created a lot of topical conversation and with over 100k views on Facebook the message to ‘GO TAP’ is certainly gaining momentum.

Have you taken the taste test challenge yet? Try it and see if you can tell the difference. Visit CCW on Facebook and Instagram to see what our sample audience thought.

If you have an idea for a campaign or message you’d like to promote, chat with us to see how we can help you.

Consumer Council for Water is a non-departmental public body whose sponsor department is Defra. CCWater is independent of both the regulator, Ofwat, and the water companies. CCWater represents the interests of water and sewerage consumers in England and Wales.