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Say Hello to Yardd!

Say Hello to Yardd!

Yardd is the ground breaking, online digital platform, that is revolutionising the equine industry.

Made for busy, passionate and caring horse owners, it’s the one-stop shop that houses everything in one place, from livery yards, training venues, farriers, vets and virtually every specialist service that a horse owner might need.

Yardd’s creation came from a need to simplify life for horse owners. Co founders and brothers, Colin and Adam Robertson who also set up Blumilk in 1999, spotted the potential gap in the marketplace and have worked together to nurture and grow the company since 2021, employing a team to manage the day to day running.

They understand that owning and caring for a horse can be time consuming and expensive and so in its infancy, Yardd began as a simple idea to bring individual suppliers, retailers and stockists together into one location, making it quick and easy for owners to search for any requirement that they may have. It has since evolved into a complete full service offering with a database of over 20,000 UK businesses.

Blumilk are proud to have played a huge part in the creation and development of the Yardd brand and platform. Creating a look that stands out in the equine crowd, the colour palette is exciting and fresh and makes an instant impact. Clean lines and bespoke font styling mean the identity for all aspects of Yardd work together to enhance and promote each other. The brand has undergone so many changes in its development, but we think it has been worth every step to see the end result. We hope you agree! The platform itself has also been designed and developed by our digital team, taking care to plan and execute every detail and ensure the user experience and journey are streamlined and simple for all. Anyone who visits the Yardd website also has the opportunity to take advantage of two very specialist offerings, myYardd and YarddSOS.

myYardd is a one-of-a-kind welfare and response software, built to manage every horse owners needs.

Tracking appointments, setting reminders, storing specialist details and creating checklists are all made easy with myYardd. Owners can store vital information in one secure location, and access it online from anywhere, at any time, giving peace of mind that it will never get misplaced or forgotten.


YarddSOS does exactly as it suggests and provides an essential emergency response and contact with vets and next of kin for horse owners in an emergency. By placing the unique QR tag on a horse, rider, trailer or stable, owners are reassured, knowing that they can be contacted, even when they may not be with their horse. YarddSOS identifies the horse, as well as its owner and allows vital information to be instantly found. It could be life saving!

Stef, Business Development Manager at Yardd, is an equine industry specialist. After completing a Degree in Crime and Investigation, she rebelled against her mothers wish to pursue this career and instead found her own way into the equestrian industry. Stef gained valuable experience in all equestrian disciplines which has since led her to achieve a successful career as a professional racehorse trainer and is proud of all her achievements both on and off the racecourse.

Stef says:
“Working as Business Development Manager for Yardd is a real opportunity for me to drive the equine industry forward. Owning my own horse ‘Old Salt’ or ‘Salty’ as we know him, and always owning and being involved with horses throughout my career so far, has given me a real passion for promoting the educational and welfare aspects within the industry. My experience in training, competition and selling thoroughbreds has also given me the knowledge to really understand the impact Yardd can make for horse owners and the industry itself. I am excited to be working with the brand and add value to those looking to simplify and improve their own horse ownership experience.”

“We are effectively making the equine industry more accessible to all. Helping horse owners to manage their daily routines on an online platform is a completely new way of thinking and it’s a cultural behaviour change that is becoming a must have, essential tool for all.”

Megan, Marketing Manager at Yardd, joined the company in 2022. Describing her role as her dream job, she shares a love of horses and knowledge of the industry that has proved essential to the promotion of Yardd’s success so far. Having owned her own horse for the last 10 years, aptly named ‘Turbo Tubby’, Megan also shares the belief that Yardd will make a huge impact on the equine industry. Joining pony club whilst still at school and then becoming part of the British Riding Club, Megan enjoys dressage, showjumping and eventing with her horse. She has seen and experienced first hand, the difficulties and challenges that horse owners are faced with on a daily basis.

Megan says:
“When I heard about Yardd, I thought it was such a good idea, why has no one thought of this before! Looking after a horse is a time consuming, long term commitment for most. Exercising, mucking out, grooming and generally taking care of all my horse needs is a big part of my daily routine. So having everything stored in one place gives me peace of mind. All the features and benefits that Yardd provides me with has definitely made life easier and I recommend it to everyone who owns and cares for their own horse.”

And Yardd isn’t standing still, there are plans in place to grow and develop the business further in the coming months ahead, so look out for some exciting features to come!

If you want to know more about Yardd and how it can improve your own horse ownership experience contact or if you are a start up business with a new idea or venture then Blumilk would love to chat to see how we can help you.