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How Can Workshops Provide Value for Your Company?

How Can Workshops Provide Value for Your Company?

With the world steadily moving toward a digital future, and with an increasing popularity for remote working, the value of getting a team together to have a frank discussion and think about their field is at risk of being lost. When done correctly, workshops can formulate innovative solutions, encourage team building, and instil some creativity and openness into a team or organisation.

In no particular order, here are 4 ways workshops will provide value for businesses and companies:

1. Workshops Provide Expertise and Innovation

The first way a workshop can add value to your company is by providing some expertise and innovative ideas in your field.

For example, here at Blumilk, our expertise spreads over a lot of fields such as graphic design, social media, website development, and both physical and digital advertising. Other agencies may specialise in very specific, niche areas. Whatever you do, make sure you research agencies to choose the right one – after all, you won’t want financial advice from a photography agency, and vice versa!

As an example of this expertise, a workshop we recently carried out for Blue Light Card (the organisers and providers of blue light discounts) centred around key developments and changes with digital marketing. We covered areas like voice search, TikTok, the metaverse, and NFTs and encouraged our client to think about how they could be incorporated by the organisation.

Just make sure you aren’t too over-ambitious and make sure the advice and suggestions you’re receiving are realistic and practical. Innovative ideas are only useful if they can be built on in a meaningful way. There’s a reason the wheel hasn’t been reinvented after all!

2. The Need for Honesty and Openness

Before expertise and innovation can be embraced, a company must be prepared for honest, open conversations, and this is the second key benefit for workshops.

It’s important in any workplace that employees feel free to express their genuine thoughts and feelings. A great way to do this is to get out of the office and in a new environment that provides a creative space for thought-provoking discussions – like a workshop!

We understood the importance of openness when we were creating workshops for Access training, an award-winning training provider in Gateshead, to help them devise a marketing strategy. In the workshops, we encouraged employees at all levels to think carefully about the company’s identity, short-term objectives, future aspirations, and challenges and successes.

Ultimately, having honesty and openness in a team will result in clearer aims and objectives that everybody can genuinely get behind.

3. Team Building and Collaboration in Workshops

A lot of companies find that, over time, teams and individuals within those teams become more and more one-dimensional as they plug away at their specific area or tasks.

A workshop offers the perfect space to blow away those workplace cobwebs and reconnect with other teams and colleagues. However, the important thing is to ensure that a colleague’s contributions are seriously supported and considered, regardless of their position or responsibilities.

For example, Blue Light Card approached when trying to figure out how they could empower their employees to feel part of the organisation. The goal was to ensure the member services team understood the brand to the same extent as the communications team. Finding a workable solution required collaboration, understanding, and effective communication; all of which were encouraged through the bespoke workshop we made.

4. Workshops Encourage Creativity and Enthusiasm

Just as important as the other factors, workshops also inject creativity and enthusiasm into a team. Burnout is a very real threat for a lot of companies and it can quickly bring about other issues, whether it’s customer satisfaction, financial spreadsheets, or important company messaging, for example.

Getting the team involved in coming up with some ideas based on research-driven suggestions is a great way to get everybody enthused about your current aims and objectives. Hopefully this enthusiasm will be a long-term injection so that your company will be reaping the rewards of the workshop six months down the line.

When CCW came to us looking for help with a complete branding refresh, we ended up delivering their brand launch, organising guest speakers on the importance of brand, launched the brand internally, and then also facilitated the day on their behalf.


It should now be obvious that workshops can provide a lot of value to your company or business. Not only do they provide expertise and innovative ideas but they encourage openness and honesty within teams. They also encourage greater collaboration and team building by providing opportunities to be more creative and to instil enthusiasm amongst colleagues.

If you think your company requires a workshop to meet any of these ends then our experts here at Blumilk would be more than happy to help. From public relations to internal communications, from social media management to advertising campaigns, and from animation to hand-drawn graphics, we’re here to help every step of the way. Make sure to get in touch today if you have any questions!