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EMEX | ExCel London | What to expect

EMEX | ExCel London | What to expect

Blumilk are attending the 2021 Net Zero and Energy Management Expo (EMEX) at the London ExCel and are incredibly excited to get the chance to engage with like-minded exhibitors and visitors to talk about all things sustainability.

Attended by professionals from the energy, environment, sustainability and climate action fields, the two day event follows on from the historic COP26 and, alongside its jam-packed agenda of thoroughly thought-provoking and inspiring talks and discussions, it’s set to be the most successful EMEX conference to date.

Blumilk has the lowdown on what to expect together with our recommended ‘not-to-be-missed’ highlights to ensure you get the very best out of the event.

Day One


Panelists weigh the promise and the shortfalls of the COP26 conference deal and address the role of businesses and professionals in fighting climate change.

If COP26 has not solved the problem, we have to assume that we’re all part of the solution!


Amir Sokolowski, Associate Director at CDP UNFCCC Negotiations with IIED for LDC

Doug Parr, Chief Scientist and Policy Director, Greenpeace UK

Lord Rupert Redesdale, Chair, EMEX Conference



Alongside the transition to a low-carbon economy, there are powerful trends at play that will reshape the skills needed for businesses today and create labour shortage in the very near future. There is also a need to involve every single part of your business to transition together. 

This means that converting an organisation’s climate strategy into an engaging ambition that colleagues choose to support is also becoming vital to your success. And yet, HR’s role in the climate transformation remains curiously undefined.’

-What skills are needed today and tomorrow to reach net zero by 2050?

-How to identify skills gaps and potential labour shortage in organisations?

-What are the upside of addressing workforce planning sooner rather than later?

-What role HR can play to integrate climate action into how we all do business?

-What are the key organisational changes required to drive the net Zero agenda (Exec incentives, employees -participation & benefits)?


Amanda Scott, Managing Director, Wills Towers Watson

Dave Armstrong, Managing Director, Great Minds Property Group

Scott Armstrong, CEO, Planet Mark


Harness The Power Of Big Data & IoT: Accelerate to Net-Zero 13.00 GMT

ClearVUE’s advanced energy monitoring solution helps businesses cut out energy waste and optimise their energy consumption, leading to improved green credentials, improved customer engagement and improved operational efficiencies.


Dan Smith, Director of Energy Services, Northern Gas and Power


Climate is Changing: Adapt or Die! 15.00 GMT

The headlines will not be new to most people— climate change is happening, it’s caused by humans and it’s serious.

This rise in temperature will come with increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events, causing devastating impacts to people and ecosystems as well as business continuity.

While business efforts to date have focused on mitigation – and rightly so – corporate adaptation and resilience strategies will become increasingly commonplace and increasingly vital.

How current business models can respond with robust adaptation strategies to score a competitive advantage?

Why companies’ adaptation and resilience strategy should go beyond business operations and consider the broader impacts on society?

David will talk about the scientific evidence on climate change, the extent of the problem and the urgency for action.

Sarah will be talking about the impacts of climate change in the Construction industry and how new designs and retrofits are including climate change adaptation strategies along with financial impacts.

Sue will be talking about the impact of climate change on land and agriculture, land use decision making challenges, agro-ecology as part of the climate change adaptation strategy and the need to choose our adaptation path carefully.


David Vaughan, Former Director of Science, British Antarctic Survey

Parthena Exizidou, Senior Carbon Manager (Net Zero Transition Lead), British Antarctic Survey

Sarah Jolliffe, Carbon Reduction Lead, BAM Nuttall Ltd

Sue Pritchard, CEO, Food Farming and Countryside Commission


Day Two

The Carbon Cost of Water in Reaching Net Zero 11.00 GMT

Whilst the role of water efficiency in helping us adapt to climate change and changes to water availability is relatively well understood, the contribution that reducing water consumption can make to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating further climate change and reaching Net Zero is often overlooked. 

Do you know how much carbon emissions are associated with your water consumption?


Laura White, Projects and Research Manager, Waterwise

George Triggs, Climate Change & Carbon Policy, Water UK

Lord Rupert Redesdale, Chair, EMEX Conference


Mapping Climate Policy, Risk Management & Embracing Sustainable Finance to reach NetZero 13.00 GMT

Climate will increasingly be a strategic factor in business decision-making processes based on risk and opportunity analysis. Corporate disclosure of climate-related risks is gaining momentum and importance in corporate financial, CSR and other reporting and disclosure obligations.

This session will give you practical guidance and key recommendations on how to:

-Chart Transitional Risks for business.

-Use TCFD reporting to raise the agenda on Board Fiduciary Duty.

-Managing Climate Risk

-Unleash the potential of Sustainable Finance.


Baishakhi Sengupta, Environmental Sustainability & Governance Strategic Consultant, Avara Foods.


Net Zero, Business Leaders and Consumer Trends 14.00 GMT

Jim Needell to discuss 

-Is climate change an important issue for consumers and business leaders?

-Reaching net zero – awareness, attitudes and tensions?

-How can professionals activate behaviour change within but also outside their organisation?

-Attitudes, trends and tensions – views from the public and business leaders on sustainability and the gap between what people say and what they do, including ethnographic footage to explore blind spots and applications of behavioural science to improve sustainability.

Lucy Shea to discuss

-how to articulate complex communication internally and externally with 8 principles.

-psychographics and rules of engagement depending on your audience boards, stakeholders, consumers (bricks, golds and greens)

-how sustainability and energy managers can become agents of change.


Lucy Shea, CEO, Futerra

Jim Needell, CCO, Ipsos MORI



There’s still time to register for an EMEX delegate pass which you can do here.

Don’t forget, Blumilk are able to work with you and your organisation on your Sustainability Commitment, please contact our Head of Sales & Marketing, Kim Walker on 07729 672 682 or email