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Client Spotlight; Affinity Water

Client Spotlight; Affinity Water

Blumilk have a wealth of experience working with the utilities sector and have worked with Affinity Water since 2019 on many projects.


Recently, we’ve been working with Affinity Water on a customer engagement campaign to educate stakeholders that bills were increasing for the first time in multiple years but that there was support available to those who will find the increase particularly challenging.

The problems needing to be overcome included:

• Perception of value

• Difficulty understanding a bill

• How to obtain financial support

Working with team at Affinity Water, it was decided the campaign should be in the form of an animation that could be promoted across social media to reach all customers, as well as being featured on the webpage that customers were directed to from their bill increase letter. The animation would feature a voiceover, subtitles and also be translated into multiple languages to ensure it was easy to understand for everyone. With this being a delicate subject, we sourced a voiceover artist that had an approachable, friendly tone and we also created a look for the animation that would resonate with customers. The look and feel of the campaign were also amended to be suitable for several press ads, financial support leaflets and the webpage.

Why did we recommend an animation? Animation transforms your content into a way of telling your story without limits. When you’re dealing with a complex idea/product/subject, particularly in the utilities sector, trying to explain it solely in text form can be very challenging and animation enables a viewer to connect and engage. Did you know that social media videos are responsible for generating 1200% more shares as compared to text-based and image-based social media posts? (SmallBizTrends).

Interested in what we can do to help your utilities company? We’d love to talk to you about how animation can help your utilities brand. Feel free to get in touch.