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A Day In The Life Of Abi

A Day In The Life Of Abi

Project Manager, Abi Dodwell, joined us back in March – and then just two short weeks later, lockdown began and we’ve been working at home ever since! With that in mind, she’s first up on our ‘A Day In The Life Of…’ series.


So, Abi, tell us about your work day at Blumilk…

It’s always important to start your day right with a coffee in hand. Once I’ve had my morning perk I check emails and set to dos so that I am prepared for the day ahead.

I then will have a morning call with my team so that we can fill each other in on our projects and have a general catch up. It’s always nice on a Monday to hear what everyone has got up to in their time off.

Then when 9am hits we are out the gate and straight into tackling emails and calls with clients. The great thing about Blumilk is that we work with such a variety of clients that you never know what project could land on your plate. In a day I can go from designing superheroes to a regulatory document in moments!

By midday I tend to head out for a walk and give my legs a stretch before heading back to my desk and plants. I have a quite a few on my desk and keeping them healthy is quite a full-on job.

In the afternoon I usually have meetings so it’s always good to have a double check to make sure my background is in order for a video call. We love to be super prepared so as the day winds down I tend to get organised for the next day so that I have a plan of action ready to go!

A day in the life at Blumilk is hard to describe if I’m honest as no two days are ever quite the same! We are lucky to get so many new and exciting opportunities through the door so as long as there is work to be done and my plants stay alive I can leave each day feeling rewarded.