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Utilities Safety Campaign for Western Power Distribution

Utilities Safety Campaign for Western Power Distribution

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!


Usually, Blumilk are huge fans of getting into the Autumnal spirit at this time of the year.

Whether we’re huddled around a fire pit with our bobble hats and oversized scarves or drinking our hot chocolates covered in marshmallows – we always seem to mark the foiled plan to burn down the Houses of Parliament with a bit of a bang.

But this year, it’s all going to be a little different. There may be no organised firework or bonfire displays to light up the skies, no meeting with friends at your local to warm up over your favourite tipple however we hope you can still mark the occasion at home with a piece of homemade Parkin (this lockdown’s banana bread?), snuggled up on the sofa in front of the fire. 

Similar to every year, firefighters have begun to speak out to reinforce the dangers around bonfires and fireworks and with less of the organised fun, it’s predicted that people will turn to celebrate at home. 

As you know, any kind of firework display, either home or organised, comes with its own set of risks and Blumilk have been working with one of our clients, Western Power Distribution, which covers the Midlands, the South West of England and South Wales, on a Guy Fawkes safety campaign.

Safety experts at Western Power Distribution are urging anyone who is planning bonfire celebrations at home to keep fireworks and bonfires away from power lines and substations – and always to plan their event in daylight to make sure they stay well away from electrical hazards.

WPD Health and Safety Adviser Eddie Cochrane said: “Bonfire night celebrations will be on a much smaller scale this year because of coronavirus restrictions but that doesn’t mean the safety message is any different.

“It is vital that people are aware of the dangers posed by electrical equipment when they’re planning bonfires and fireworks. On a windy night, flames and sparks can easily be blown onto overhead power lines and may cause power cuts or electrical surges.”

Blumilk created an eye-catching campaign that has been pushed out across social media for the week before 5th November.


You can see more work we have done in the utilities sector here.

Whatever you do to celebrate this year, stay safe!