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Blumilk appreciates that we really are living in strange times and working from home is only part of it. 

We swear it was just five minutes ago that we were complaining to a colleague about ‘how much more we could get done if we were working from home’…Like, really? 

‘Imagine’, we laughed, ‘not having to get dressed in the morning! Commuting cut down to nothing! Never having to run around the office in search of a working printer!’ 

In the immortal words of The Beach Boys – wouldn’t it be nice?

Well, as it turns out… not really?

Working from home?

That being said, we do fully appreciate how lucky the Blumilk team our to have a job to do without having to worry about furlough or being laid off, but still, we’d give anything to be back at Blumilk HQ.

If you have found yourself working at your kitchen table thanks to COVID, you might be missing the office a little more than you thought you would. Are you struggling to find the motivation you need to get the most from your workday? These working from home tips might just help!

Create a commute

This might sound crazy, but falling out of bed at 8:55 am and dragging your laptop onto your knees is not the best way to get yourself into a productive mindset. Try to create a commute-style routine. No, we don’t mean you need to pointlessly get the bus. But getting up an hour before work and showering, eating breakfast, and going for a short walk is a great way to clear away the cobwebs before a busy day.

Dress for success

We all had fun wearing our onesies on Zoom calls at the beginning of lockdown… but the appeal of never properly getting dressed is wearing a little thin. You don’t have to don a three-piece suit or turn up on camera as Alexa Carrington. Just dress in an outfit that makes you feel as though you could be going into the office – even if it’s casual Friday style attire most days. It will make you feel more tuned in to your work persona.

Make space

If you don’t have a dedicated workspace, you can end up never switching off. It’s tempting to check emails on the sofa while you’re watching The Great British Bake Off if your laptop is just right there. Try and stay structured – even if you are stuck at the kitchen table, layout your work things in the morning, and tidy them away when you’re done. Don’t let work become your whole life or you risk burning out.

Stay social

We know it’s not like you can go for a cheeky lunchtime drink with your colleagues, but remember to touch base outside of professional calls. If you have an office bestie you haven’t spoken to in a while, send them a funny meme and ask them if you can have a call just to catch up. It can be hard to recreate those chats you have when you’re hiding in the kitchen to kill time – but with a little imagination, you can do it.

Give yourself grace

Our most important work from home tip is to be patient with yourself. If you find that you’re struggling with the new normal, don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to a colleague, boss, or even just a friend about it. You definitely aren’t alone!


You can visit here if you are struggling with your mental health during COVID lockdown.