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Blumilk’s Best Lockdown Shows

Blumilk’s Best Lockdown Shows

COVID has really played a trick on us. Whether it’s shutting our pubs early or cancelling our holidays, not to mention the devastating effect it’s had on the nation’s loved ones. Now is the time that this annoying virus did one.

When the Blumilk creative team isn’t working on building some of the UK’s most trusted brands, they like to discuss the essential elements in the world today.

Top topics include TV shows, Podcasts, and legendary memes/GIFs.

Best Lockdown Shows

As much as we’d love to dedicate our news page to DJ Khalid complaining about his son’s spend on Farmville or Carol Baskin addressing her followers as felines, we thought we’d stick to TV shows and a podcast.

Patrick Pyka – Graphic Designer – Newcastle HQ

The Joe Rogan Experience

best lockdown shows “I have listened/watched hours and hours worth of the JRE podcast during the lockdown. It has helped substitute a lot of the strange, interesting, weird, funny, and controversial topics I would usually talk about with my coworkers.”

Alex Close – Graphic Designer – Newcastle HQ

Tiger King and Marcella

Tiger King“My favourite show from lockdown is ‘Marcella’ – It’s about a British police detective working in contemporary London. The storylines had me hooked! I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys programs about British crime/drama!

The infamous Tiger King is also up there with one of the best I’ve seen during the lockdown, and it inspired me to buy some exotic Sugargliders after watching it! So Joe Exotic really changed me”.

Kim Walker – Head of Sales and Marketing

Selling Sunset and The Fall

Selling Sunset“Reality TV is one of my absolute guilty pleasures. I loved how detached from reality (as most reality TV shows are!) Selling Sunset was. So far away from anything that we would potentially ever experience, which made it a great escape during lockdown.

The Fall, with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan, was another of what I thought one of the Best Lockdown Shows. It had me gripped from the first episode. It’s well written and directed, with lots of plot twists throughout.

I’ve also started re-watching Homeland on Netflix because it was just so good the first time around. The ending was the most incredible in the whole of TV history – I think!”

Abi Dodwell – Project Manager – Newcastle HQ

Hell’s Kitchen

Netflix“So, my favourite TV show over lockdown (don’t judge) has been Hell’s Kitchen. It’s been the perfect TV show to watch and switch off to while convincing myself I could be the world’s greatest chef.

Watching them all struggle over raw salmon and boiled scallops has honestly been a great bit of entertainment over lockdown. And, you can’t beat watching Gordan Ramsey scream raw.”

Peter Randell – Graphic Designer – Newcastle HQ

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

best lockdown shows“I’ve enjoyed watching ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ on Disney+, he picks a topic of popular culture such as Tattoo, Denim or Cycling and looks into why they are so popular, where the fascination comes from, and the history behind each topic but with his eccentric spin.

Each episode is around 45 mins long, so a perfect time scale to keep your attention… plus… Jeff is just mental!”

James George Dunn – Digital Development Manager – Newcastle HQ

Schitt’s Creek

best lockdown shows“For me, Schitt’s Creek was one of my best lockdown shows. One of those shows that I instantly branded as terrible without even looking into it. Mainly because the main character came from American Pie and the classic goofy promotional shots of the characters looking like “Uh oh, what mess are we in this week?” Duh!

But, after some people I follow on Twitter couldn’t recommend it enough, I took the plunge, and it’s just hilarious.”