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We are here to help and open to support you in these very strange times.

We are here to help and open to support you in these very strange times.

In the 20 year history of Blumilk, every day we have helped our clients engage in a more effective way with their customers or employees. If we end up in a lock down situation like other neighbouring countries, businesses will suffer, people will lose their jobs. Ultimately, there will be a massive rebuilding process needed for businesses of all types to re-engage with their customers and, most importantly, build their employees confidence.

At Blumilk, we are here to help any business, large or small, engage with their customers and help to let people know they are open for business, plus the important bit about loving your staff.

If you own or run a business, you need to start planning for the rebuilding stage now. In some businesses that might just be opening the doors again but for most, you will need to tell people who you are and what you do again. Most of your customers habits will have changed and you will have to work very hard to pull these customers back through your doors. Also, what are you doing about maintaining your company culture during this ‘Work from Home’ period? A lot of your staff will assess their lives, ask themselves why do I sit in all that traffic every day just to go to work.

Please keep an eye out for an exciting announcement that we hope will help support struggling companies throughout our home region, the North East.

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