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Our favourite bit of marketing we’ve seen (this month) – Guinness

Our favourite bit of marketing we’ve seen (this month) – Guinness

There always seems to be a flurry of excellent marketing campaigns around this time of year before a certain carbonated beverage storms in and remind us that the holidays are coming.

Several brands are becoming synonymous with the festive season…Coca Cola of course, John Lewis have leaped in the ring with their hotly anticipated Christmas adverts, closely followed by other supermarkets (Kevin the carrot, anyone?) but it’s the pre-Christmas campaigns that seem to be wowing this year.

If you want to make the most impact with your brand, reactive marketing is undeniably the best way to capture audiences and get people talking.

The winners of reactive marketing and our favourite marketing piece of the month goes to Guinness.

Although not as supported as widespread as the football World Cup, the Rugby World Cup has been gripping fans around the globe, with the final taking place on Saturday. England and South Africa will be battling it out in the final, but it was inherently obvious that the Irish born company weren’t too pleased with being knocked out by New Zealand…the All Blacks.

They haven’t said much on Twitter since, but Guinness GB took over when England stormed to victory over the reigning champions, Australia.

An old advert has resurfaced, being shared thousands of times on Twitter, in support of England.

And finally, is it too late to find flights to Japan for the final?!

Well played, Guinness – and GOOD LUCK to the England team on Saturday! *crosses fingers*