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Ain’t no party like a Blumilk party*

Ain’t no party like a Blumilk party*

After celebrating our 20th birthday last week with a Blumilk Party, we are feeling nostalgic and very, very grateful…

Our founders Colin and Adam were treated to a Blumilk birthday party to mark the occasion and reflected on the changes that the last 20 years have brought.

We have had some really big changes over the years growing from a tiny office in Newcastle city centre as a twosome to our now established creative powerhouse in Ouseburn working with some of the biggest brands in the region and beyond.

We asked Colin and Adam for their favourite Blumilk projects over the years and why they were so special.

“Our rebranding of Doddington Dairy is a particular standout for me. It was the first big branding project we took on in the first year of the business. We gave the relatively new company a really strong look, personality, and packaging that established them in the marketplace. I’m still proud of that project today as it gave Doddington a strong position in the market, allowing them to continuously grow over the last 20 years. It’s been great to see” says Adam.

Colin added “We’ve always strived to have a really strong, long-lasting relationship with our clients. A perfect example of this is Northumbrian Water. The on-going creative collaboration started 13 years ago with the design of a Christmas card and has grown to well over 1,000 projects throughout the years. This included the complete restructure of the organisation’s marketing department, with a Blumilk employee in a marketing manager position onsite, alongside other projects involving the refresh of their stakeholder engagement materials; most notably the design and layout of an expansive corporate 5-year Business Plan.”

Other office favourites include the eight-time award-winning Northern Rail “Buy Before You Board” campaign and the “Akzodent” health and safety campaign for AkzoNobel that reduced incidents across 80 countries by 40%.

So, here’s to you, our lovely clients. It has genuinely been a pleasure to work with all you over the last 20 years, here’s to many more!

Even if you chat with us all the time, haven’t chatted with us in a while, or for some reason haven’t chatted with us at all, we are always available for a coffee and a conversation.

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*S Club 7 released this tune in 1999… just in case the reference eluded you.