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Team Time – Why social is the key to success

Team Time – Why social is the key to success

If you have followed us on social media for a while, you will have noticed that we believe in team bonding.

Like a lot of companies, we organise outside work social events, but more importantly to us, every week we have ‘Team Time’. We close our doors a little earlier and get together as a group to wind-down and try to speak to each other in a non-work capacity. A different member of the team is in charge every week and it is up to them what we do, however big or small. It’s almost Blumilk’s 20th anniversary and we have done this from the very beginning. It might seem trivial to some, but we feel that this kind of interaction is important to any business, especially within a high-paced agency environment.

Over the past years we’ve had really amazing Team Times, from Katie’s Harry Potter pub night, Lauren’s ‘Biggest Tosser’ pancake competition, or our previous weeks’ office Olympics organised by Patrick.

Each week the guys here really surprise us and remind everyone why we do it.

So why is team building this important? We’ve pulled together our top reasons why every company, regardless of size should go that little further and come together as a group.

1. Better communication:

Knowing your colleagues beyond their working persona and getting to know each other on a more social level is key to a positive working environment. Understanding each other’s interests and goals can help break down communication barriers during working hours, increasing productivity and quality of communications in the business.

2.  Staff Moral

As we mentioned, an agency can be a very busy and sometimes stressful place. By coming together and having some social time helps give everyone a little refresh, allowing a nice ease into the weekend leading to a more energized start to the next working week.

3. Get the creative juices flowing

Yes, Blumilk is a ‘creative agency’ and we employ ‘creatives’, but sometimes it really surprises us just how ‘creative’ our staff are. This is not just the design team, all the staff at Blumilk over the years have (on many occasions) made us scratch our head and say, “how did you come up with that?!”. It’s a really positive exercise to put people in a position to think outside of their day to day routine. By creating external creativity, we can ride this wave and bring it back into work for our clients.

There are many more reasons why coming together as a team on a social level is not just under the category of ‘nice things to do’, but is actually a necessity in all businesses. A strong team sprit encourages conversation, breaks down barriers, builds trust and can even reduce employee stress levels to name just a few… so well worth giving it a go.

We look forward to seeing what today’s activities bring and hope that we see more companies doing the same.