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The Art of Artworking – Beauty is in the Details

The Art of Artworking – Beauty is in the Details

We create big, beautiful documents.

When developing these news stories, we (as nearly 99% of agencies do) show the projects that we feel that you, the audience would want to see. This by default are the big hitters; the large client names, cool videos or interesting products such as tourism and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). These are great and always get the creative juices flowing. However, a large amount of the studio time is spent creating beautifully crafted documents with (sometimes frighteningly high) page counts. We are so proud of the work that we do in this field. To make a document that has the highest level of detail, whilst delivering sometimes very specialist information, in an interesting, engaging and creative way involves a very specialist skill set, and is something to be applauded.

Over the last few months alone we have created the following documents:

  • RIO T2 Submission for SSEN
  • The annual prospectus for East Durham College
  • An updated wedding brochure and promotional materials for Bamburgh Castle
  • The annual prospectus and Horizons Magazine for Scarbough College
  • The quarterly Events Brochure for Whitley Bay Playhouse

We have some fantastic designers working for us, for whom a large layout job is what they enjoy and excel at most. Aside from the beautiful creative work that takes place, Peter (designer/artworker) has provided a few key disciplines that need to be followed when creating any large layout work.

  • Consistency: Ensuring that from start to finish the document you’re working on adheres to the brand guidelines, and adheres to the same rules and design cues throughout.
  • Attention to detail: Probably the most key skill is ensuring that the content on the page is exactly as it should be, be it grammar, alignment, quality or colour use.
  • Speed:  Time is money, both for us and our clients. So, it is imperative that from receiving the content that our documents are laid out to the highest stands, but at an efficient pace.

Blumilk are specialists in creatively improving a business’s brand reputation, this can be from the way you present yourself, your website looking a little dated, campaign messaging and of course your printed literature. If you need help with any of these areas of want to take us up on a free brand audit please get in touch on 0191 232 4401 or email