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A Road to Arran: Bikes, Brands and Blumilk

A Road to Arran: Bikes, Brands and Blumilk

If you know Blumilk; you know that we love cycling. This is especially the case for our MD Colin and Creative Director Adam who spent the last week seeing what Newcastle and Scotland had to offer in the National Circuit Race Series Newcastle and Grinduro Scotland.

The first trip of the week was a short one, beginning with the National Circuit Race Series in Newcastle. It was an amazing race that had an unbelievably frantic pace on a very technical course. The race highlight was by Newcastle rider Thomas Mein, who navigated his way through the streets superbly, only to be pipped at the post in the end. Colin and Adam could only look on in awe of the skill. It was a great warm up for what was to come.

The main activity of the week saw Colin and Adam journey to The Isle Of Arran for Grinduro Scotland where they both competed, with Adam finishing 3rd in his category.

The event is a gravel grinder race, that combines that speed of road racing with the excitement of mountain bike racing. It also had the presence in some of the largest brands in cycling including Rapha, Maxxis, Fabric, GIRO and hosted by Canyon Bikes. The event was a master-class in sponsorship, effective brand awareness and managing brand reputation. The presence of all brands created huge impact for the weekend, from the live music stages to food stalls, you felt this everywhere you went and can see why it was voted “Event of the Year” by the Design and Innovation Awards.

The event has shown how vitally important it is for a brand (regardless of size) to not only look good, but to create presence with its personality.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, Blumilk are providing free brand reputation audits, designed to review how your customers view you and recommend changes to bring your company to life.

Please feel free to get in touch for a chat, or simply watch this space for all future Blumilk racing news.