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Does Your Business Have a Manky Lemon?

Does Your Business Have a Manky Lemon?

This is the question that we are asking all North East businesses with the launch of our new Manky Lemon campaign. Like the lingering smell when you open your fridge door, all businesses (even the great ones) have a Manky Lemon and unfortunately, the smell that it creates doesn’t go away until you find the cause and then get rid of it.

Lauren Hindhaugh, our Client Director wants to stress the significance of brand reputation and the negative business impact if you get this wrong – “How a business’s customer perceives them is massively important. A bad reputation begins to create a smell inside a business, it can be anything from lack of sales, poor staff communication or you’ve simply been left behind by your competition… basically, anything that holds back the potential of a business.

The cause of the smell, or ‘Manky Lemon’ can stem from a whole host of things; including how your brand looks, your website doesn’t function correctly or quite simply people don’t know who you are. Luckily once you locate your Manky Lemon, steps can be put into place to correct the problem”.

The campaign is going live today and can been seen across various outdoor media and digital solutions is the North East, so keep your eyes peeled.

To celebrate the launch of the campaign, we are offering free brand reputation audits for all businesses to help find and eliminate that Manky Lemon.

To find out if your business has a Manky Lemon, visit Manky #MankyLemon