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Cyber Security – Keeping you out of the red

Cyber Security – Keeping you out of the red

As we enter into an ever increasing technological world for businesses large and small the scary word that is cyber security is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Do you know if your business might be at cyber security risk?

Over 42% of businesses in 2018 suffered from some form of cyber security breach. This can take many forms and include issues such as viruses, financial incurrences, and data theft which can affect how a business functions, the personal details of staff, company cash flow and ultimately your long-term reputation.

This all sounds very complicated, but with the right infrastructure, set up and employee engagement, cyber security should be as integral in the work place as your health and safety policy.

Blumilk at the forefront of pushing cyber security within the workplace

Cyber Security is a risk for the entirety of a business, not just an IT problem. Even with the best cyber security infrastructure in the world, the problem for businesses presenting itself time and time again is

‘how do we make our staff understand their responsibility in maintaining our cyber security and reducing threats?’

There are a few tips and procedures that everyone can follow to prevent cyber attacks from occurring including creating strong passwords, being mindful of files being brought in on USB sticks and through emails, and finally keeping all your software up to date. The majority of attacks are caused by simple human error and educating staff as to the part they play within your organisation is key to successful cyber security implementation.

Over the past couple of years, cyber security within organisations has become more and more prevalent, Blumilk have worked with businesses large and small to bridge the gap between IT infrastructure and the educating of staff. The creation of clever, well-thought-out campaigns has made genuine change to the way employees think and act and we have yielded impressive results to show for it.

Staff need to be reminded if they saw a suspicious package in the street you wouldn’t just walk by it, you would tell somebody. This is the same for any cyber security risks. We assess your approach to cyber security, work with you to understand your pain points and create a plan of how best to communicate this to your staff.

Don’t just take our word for it, Blumilk are at the start of a very exciting journey with partners Portman Square who specialise in the delivery and optimisation of cyber security products.

For more information on how to drive Cyber Security within your organisation, give our Client Director Lauren a shout 07506 831176