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Subsea Simplicity – Creating a New Brand and Website

Subsea Simplicity – Creating a New Brand and Website

There is a real skill in making the most complicated things, simple. This could not have been more the case than our recent brand and website development for our client Modus Ltd.

Modus are a specialist global provider of modular subsea vehicles, providing hire of highly specialised underwater equipment. The challenge to us was to deconstruct a very niche and unique business to create a simplistic brand and website.

Modus Ltd felt that their previous brand did not reflect who they are as a business or the new services that they were offering. These being; seabed intervention services, AUV services, ROV services and, finally, managed & technical services.

We wanted to stay true to where Modus Ltd have come from, with the new logo being an evolution of the tone and feel of the one they had been using previously. We employed a modern, clean typeface and paired this with a bold interpretation of a wave pattern with two subtle blocks giving the indication of submerging to the seabed. Finally, we used a vibrant red to provide standout within the industry, showing uniqueness and the forward-thinking nature of company. The brand was supported with a very highly effective 6pp sales brochure, with high-end finish that the client has used at events and for general distribution showcasing the offer of Modus Ltd.

The main personality for the brand is apparent on the website where we have taken striking sea photography and layered this with hand-drawn vectors to demonstrate the planning and data driven emphasis of Modus Ltd. Modus Ltd wanted the keep the website very streamlined, allowing customers to find key information as quickly and as simply as possible. We achieved this by creating a site with easy navigation that on the surface only provides the essential information. However, if the customer requires it, the website is deceptively multi-layered allowing for access to complex technical information and datasheets, if this is what they want.

The brand and website can be viewed at and we’re sure you’ll find it simply beautiful.