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Branding the World’s Oldest Suspension Bridge

Branding the World’s Oldest Suspension Bridge

How often do you get to be part of history?

The team at Blumilk asked ourselves the same question when we were given this opportunity by Northumberland and Borders Council (along with a number of other companies and stakeholders) to tell the story of one of the world’s oldest working suspension bridges, the Union Chain Bridge.

The bridge will soon to be commemorating it’s 200 year anniversary, with Blumilk thrilled to be given the enviable task to tell its story to the world. We created an engaging brand that has given the bridge a modern presence, whilst staying true to its heritage.

The brand development was supported by a fully comprehensive marketing strategy to engage with local communities around Northumberland and The Scottish Borders, as well as celebrate the bridge on a national level. Both are designed to create cross border links, drive tourism and ultimately tell the world about a historical landmark that just happens to be on our doorstep.

We’re lucky to have some of the Northeast’s best visual storytellers at Blumilk and we can’t wait for the Union Chain Bridge’s next chapter to be revealed.