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Keeping People Onboard

Keeping People Onboard

2018 saw the continuation of Blumilk’s journey with our client DFDS Seaways (slight pun intended).

We devised a strategy to maintain their Norwegian customer base following the introduction of GDPR. DFDS were required to approach each member on the database and opt-in to be kept informed of any updates from the world leading ferry operator.

Due to the massively increased activity of GDPR, we knew that what we created had to cut through the noise and give people a reason to stay on the mailing list. To address this, we wanted each and every customer that was approached to feel special and show that by being on the DFDS database they were part of a very exclusive members club. What we devised and designed was a premium direct mail piece that carried that style and ethos.

The high-end mailer took inspiration from core brand colours of DFDS and brought these to life by implementing a unique gradient and engaging people-led photography, that gave the marketing tool an emotional angle.  The mailer was self-contained and led with the Norwegian translation for “It’s Nice to be Exclusive”. We designed four sealed folds to create a reveal for the customer, teasing with the message “Open Me”.

Once opened, the customer found a unique customer membership card. This gave the DFDS customers exclusive on-board discounts, the chance to win a mini cruise and exclusive member only offers.

Blumilk handled the production of the mailer, ensuring that its premium style translated to the all aspects of the engagement tool; including the introduction of a silver foil and high-quality paper stock. Blumilk then organised and oversaw the subsequent distribution of the mailers to over 15,000 Norwegian homes.

We’re sure that the great relationship between DFDS Seaways and Blumilk will continue to grow throughout 2019 and set sail to new horizons (yes… the pun was definitely intended that time).