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The Blumilk elves have been very busy this year

The Blumilk elves have been very busy this year

After a few very busy months getting a lot of client new year work out the door, we finally made some time to do something that’s just for us. But something that our clients can appreciate.

As with any creative endeavour there comes a time where you may second guess yourself and feel that this is it, I have reached my creative limit. Well this hasn’t been the case so far for the creative team here at Blumilk who surprised us all with this years very special studio advent calendar.

The advent calendar can be seen when you walk through the studio and will put a beaming smile on any Christmas scrooge without mentioning any names…

We each have a door to ourselves and behind them you will find out if you’re on the good or naughty list as determined by the present.

It hasn’t been confirmed if the people who have doors to be opened over the weekend need to come in or not. Never mind on the 24th as we won’t be here!

A big thanks goes to Wendy, Peter and Adam.