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Bishopline: Arriving on Time and within Budget

Bishopline: Arriving on Time and within Budget

For us, a successful project is much more than how good the creative looks. It’s also about hitting client approved deadlines and staying within a set budget. With Bishopline we arrived on time and within their budget. Much like their new campaign for hourly trains.

Having worked with Bishopline for a number of years now we have helped to build their brand slowly while sticking to a set annual budget. When they started seeing the true value that Blumilk offered the budget increased and TV adverts have been made possible.

“It’s really great to see how a brand can grow over the years and proves you don’t need to throw everything at it when you’re first starting out.” says our Head of Creative Wendy.

Along with developing a strong visual identity, outdoor collateral and website, we have now produced an advert to promote Bishopline’s success in achieving regular trains at regular hourly intervals. Check out the new advert yourself below.