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A New Identity Builds on a Great Tradition

A New Identity Builds on a Great Tradition

It’s the oldest brewery in Durham, North East England. With a great portfolio of high quality, diverse and delicious beers. And, a pioneer of the light-hoppy style of bitters: from light bitter to dark stout; wheat beer to Bavarian lagerbier.

Steve who founded The Durham Brewery in 1994 and the Head Brewer will tell you:

“We have a beer for everyone. We cut no corners. And, concentrate on perfection rather than volume. Making sure all styles are made authentically.”

Heritage can’t afford to stand still in an increasingly competitive global craft beer marketplace. It was an exciting challenge for Blumilk when awarded the contract to develop a new brand identity for the Brewery.

Adam, Creative Director who led the creative team behind the rebrand says: “Our team was clear that reinforcing the tradition was key to what we believed the Brewery needed. I believe we’ve delivered this and rolled out the design solution consistently over a range of collateral including bottle labels, beer mats and pump clips.”

Tom, one of the Account Managers at Blumilk, project managed the rebrand process with the guys at Durham. He explains:

“Changing the look and feel of any brand is always a time for reflection, for dealing with questions like… Should we really do this or maybe just leave well alone? Are we making the right decision because once made we need to live with it for years to come? Durham Brewery was no exception.”

“The final decision was consensual, I’m proud to say. The new brand style looks great and everyone at Durham and at Blumilk agrees with this,” adds Tom. “The key to all of this however is the ongoing success of the business. I’m glad to say, the Brewery team are having to work harder and harder to meet the growing demand for their great products.”

Check out their website for full details of the product range and how you can buy it.

Book a Tour of the Brewery, online, and you’ll not only meet the team and see how it’s all done, you’ll get a chance to sample the beers and perfect your choice.

And, check out Trip Advisor including this post…

“Brilliant customer service, fantastic selection of products, good value for money.”