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#FBF North East Learning Disabilities

#FBF North East Learning Disabilities

The North East Strategic Health Authority was determined to enhance the skills of NHS staff helping people with learning difficulties.

The key was for clinicians and nurse practitioners to understand the issues faced by patients with learning difficulties when describing their medical conditions. And, understanding advice offered by medical staff.

Blumilk’s experience with heath service branding and campaigns is extensive. It was not surprising Blumilk were engaged to develop a high profile communication campaign focused on NHS staff which highlighted the needs of people with learning difficulties. And, offer usable guidelines to help staff offer the best service possible.

The PWLD campaign was born, rolled out and commended across the NHS. It is still used now across North East England. The feedback has been positive. The campaign has had a significant impact for service users. It has enabled staff to offer real world, tailored, enhanced advice and solutions.