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Cyber Monsters Get Put in Their Place

Cyber Monsters Get Put in Their Place

Using social media to influence who is elected to be a president, is one thing.

Attacking mission critical computer systems and disrupting services is something else. Protecting their hardware, software or information systems is a major concern for all businesses. Particularly those that provide essential and life-saving services.

Research of 1,000 senior IT and business executives, published recently by global leading IT consultants, Infosys shows that improving cyber security was ranked as the main trend for businesses over the next three years. For Utility companies in particular 70% said this was their number one focus.

Six Influencers of Persuasion Used to Develop Security Campaign

“We work with a number of utility businesses and can confirm the Infosys findings on cyber security”, says Lauren, Blumilk’s lead on a recent Cyber Security campaign developed for Northern Powergrid.

“Northern Powergrid wanted to focus first on bringing their staff up to speed. A problem was that there was a lot of internal information noise. And, key messages were being lost, as a result.”

Lauren adds: “We were commissioned to develop an internal communications campaign that would get the cyber security message well and truly home and understood.”

“Our campaigns team developed a uniquely branded project based on six influencers of persuasion. We tested the techniques of persuasion our visualisation of the campaign with in-depth face to face consultation with company employees. The finished article was delivered to up to 30 individual company depots and offices.”

Cyber Monsters – The Bad Guys

A key part of the design of the campaign collateral was the creation of company team character imagery (the good guys) and for this particular campaign a team of Cyber Monsters (the bad guys). This characterisation was a key element of making major internal communication improvements within the business.

All Systems at Risk

Targets for disruption are wide-ranging. They include Bluetooth and Wifi Networks, smart phones and televisions, as well as critical IT infrastructure installations maintained by businesses of all sizes.

The UK’s National Health Services had many parts of its electronic systems hacked during 2017 causing significant damage to services and risk to life. Gas, Electricity and Water utility companies are another targeted sector.