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Challenges Yes! Opportunities Yes!

Challenges Yes! Opportunities Yes!

Water Companies Face an Exciting Future

Trust and high levels of customer service are key for water utility companies. Service levels at least as good as those delivered by other businesses, is customer expectation.

OFWAT, the regulator of water and sewerage companies in England and Wales is clear about the future direction of the industry. They believe the only way water companies will achieve the levels demanded by the public is for the companies to develop better ways of delivering services.

‘The water companies we’ve worked with over the last 10 plus years have taken a proactive approach to service deliver and communicating with their customers,”
says Col Robertson, Blumilk’s MD.

“Our experience has been real positive including a direct involvement in a whole range of campaigns and projects. We’ve also been involved in and taken the lead on projects that challenged how companies related to their customers, how the brand values were communicated and how they responded to the challenges introduced by the regulator. We’ve even had the privilege for a couple of years of directly managing the marketing activities of one of England’s most proactive companies”

The OFWAT price review code named PR19, part of Water 2020 the regulator’ vision for the sector in England and Wales is one of the latest tests for the companies.

“The challenges are never ending for the UK’s water companies,” says Col Robertson. “Challenges yes, but also exciting opportunities to develop and communicate values and, in the process, create trust with customers, stakeholders and of course the regulator.”